Software development

WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC (Razor, Javascript, JQuery, Angular), WCF, ADO.NET(plain and Entity Framework), SQL Server (T-SQL), FoxPro, IdeaBlade, Telerik, ...

Any complexity of projects. MVC, MVVM, Code-behind...

  • Local network solutions
  • Simple n-tier solutions
  • Complex n-tier solutions
  • Web-based solutions

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Migration from FoxPro to Net

Real experience in implementation of FoxPro to Dot-Net migration.

Tens of miles of code rewritten from FoxPro to C# with optimization.

Extending and restyling in process of application rewriting.

No redundant questions! Code is the best documentation!

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Dataodyssey Markplex

Programs for ERP(Enterprise resource planning) data exchange with Amazon and EBay.

  • Getting orders
  • Repricing and analysis
  • Product listings
  • ...

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31.08.2016 New build of "Amazon Get Orders" program. Build
(Some improvements)
31.08.2016 First build of "Amazon Best Prices" program. Build
25.08.2016 New build of "Amazon Get Orders" program. Build
(Some improvements)
15.08.2016 Migration from FoxPro to .Net. The set of target technologies now includes UWP (Universal Windows Platform), ASP.NET Core and modile applications for Windows Phone, iOS, Androoid.
14.08.2016 New build of "Amazon Get Orders" program. Build
(Amazon RequestThrottled exception handling. Progress bar displays requests to Amazon. ...)